Iphone 6 case - The Cosmos

$ 35.00

Ah, the Cosmos.  What a mysterious and wondrous place. So many things to excite our imaginations. The Sagans often enjoy pondering the Cosmos.  They love to hang out on the pink planet and just ponder the Cosmos that surrounds them.  Some Sagans use scopes, some use sextants, others just use their pointer fingers. There is no end to the wonder one can enjoy with the Cosmos.

Let the Cosmos sturdily protect your phone while you enjoy and ponder your own life!


Protective case for Iphone 6


Nuvango (formerly GelaSkins) create wonderful designer cases and skins for phones, laptops, tablets, and video game systems of all shapes and sizes.  Go peruse all of them! You will find what you need.

There are many more possible variations for six different Scott C designs at Nuvango.co

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